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Complementary Metal (Poly-Si) Oxide (SiO2) Semiconductor (CMOS).



channel width $W_{\rm n/p}$
channel length $L_{\rm n/p}$
gate oxide thickness $t_{\rm ox}$
electron mobility $\mu_{\rm n} \approx 250e-4\,\mathrm{\text{m}\,^{2}/\text{V}\,\text{s}\,}$
$\mu_{\rm p} \approx 200e-4\,\mathrm{\text{m}\,^{2}/\text{V}\,\text{s}\,}$
rel. permittivity of gate oxide $\epsilon_{\rm ox} \approx 3,9$
dielectric constant ϵ0=8.8541878e12As/Vm\epsilon_0 = 8.8541878e-12\,\mathrm{\text{A}\,\text{s}\,/\text{V}\,\text{m}\,}
specific oxide capacity $C'_{\rm ox} = \frac{\varepsilon_{\rm ox} \varepsilon_0}{t_{\rm ox}}$
oxide capacity $C_{\rm ox} = C'_{\rm ox} \cdot WL$
gain (also β\beta) $K_{\rm n} = \mu_{\rm n} C'_{\rm ox} \frac{W_{\rm n}}{L_{\rm n}}$
$K_{\rm p} = (-1) \mu_{\rm p} C'_{\rm ox} \frac{W_{\rm p}}{L_{\rm p}}$
propagation delay $t_{\rm pHL} \propto \frac{C_L t_{\rm ox} L_{\rm p}}{W_{\rm p} \mu_{\rm p} \varepsilon_{\rm ox} (V_{\rm DD} - |V_{\rm th}|)}$

Inverter Power

Power Consumption of a CMOS Inverter
Power Consumption of a CMOS Inverter

Dynamic Power Consumption

$$P_{\rm dyn} = P_{\rm cap} + P_{\rm short}$$

Capacitive Power

$$P_{\rm cap} = \alpha_{01} f C_L V_{\rm DD}^2$$

Short Circuit Power

$$P_{\rm short} = \alpha_{01} f \beta_n \tau (V_{\rm DD} - 2V_{\rm th})^3$$