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The electric field is a vector field surrounding an electric charge that exerts force on other charges.

Property Value
SI Unit ${{\text{V}{\,}}{/}{\text{m}{\,}}}$

Coulomb's law

From Coulomb's law a particle with electric charge $q_1$ at position ${\boldsymbol x}_1$ exerts a force on a particle with charge $q_0$ at position ${\boldsymbol x}_0$ of

$${\boldsymbol F}= \frac{1}{4\pi \varepsilon_{0}} \frac{q_{1} q_{0} }{ ( {\boldsymbol x}_1 - {\boldsymbol x}_0 )^2} {\boldsymbol r}_{\text{1,0}}$$

where ${\boldsymbol r}_{\text{1,0}}$ is the unit vector in the direction from point ${\boldsymbol x}_1$ to point ${\boldsymbol x}_2$, and $\varepsilon_0$ is the electric constant.