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List of TODOs

ToDo Source File Page Reference
table for selecting resistors. i2c.md Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C)
explain how values are read / written ram.md Random Access Memory (RAM)
typical values of RAM modules ram.md Random Access Memory (RAM)
jvascript that displays different encodings utf8.md UTF-8
color escape codes bash.md Bash
list all keywords c.md C
diagram explaining the GNU tool chain: linker c.md C
fill list http.md HTTP
page 58 image ieee-802-15-04.md IEEE 802.15.4
figure from p 51 ieee-802-15-04.md IEEE 802.15.4
write article mac.md Media Access Control
adjust JS library for blake2b blake2.md Blake 2
time zone diagram datetime.md Date and Time
show clocks datetime.md Date and Time
Float umwandlung mit precision fehler numbers.md Number Converter
explanation matrix.md Matrix
adjust svg like this: https://www.thinkcalculator.com/algebra/convolution-calculator.php convolution.md Convolution
explain alpha, beta, and P testing.md Hypothesis Testing
precision, recall, sensitivity testing.md Hypothesis Testing
draw image of the process github .md --> jekyll --> scripts --> pandoc --> .html + head.html = webpage about.md About TeX4TUM
should we use mermaid? contribution.md Contribution
This will be written into the todo-list demo.md Demo of Interactive Features
place as cards with logo (bootstrap) links.md Links