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About TeX4TUM#

TeX4TUM is an Interactive Knowledge Platform for Engineers covering the following topics:

  • ๐ŸŽฒ math
  • ๐Ÿงช physics
  • โšก electrical engineering
  • โ˜ information theory
  • ๐Ÿ”ง mechanical engineering

Our Philosophy#

With TeX4TUM, we offer an interactive knowledge platform that adjusts the content to your individual needs. In contrast to all the forums, blogs, and wikis out there, we focus on the most important aspects first and only optionally offer you the details if you need them. Our articles are short, consistent and well structured making them ideal for efficiently looking up your study topics. Using interactive diagrams, you are not limited to static examples but can play around with different parameters and observe their effect on the result. This direct feedback will enable more intuitive understanding and helps to quickly learn or lookup even complex topics, reducing cognitive overload and letting you stay focused. Experience it for yourself. Hit tab and type a term that you want to look up.

Article Processing#

Intuitive design does not stop when it comes to writing an article. Our goal is that authors do not need to bother about learning any complex markup or programming language. As an author you simply write the article following some format guidelines. Afterwards, our smart scripts will process the article and figure out which content is visible by default and which content will appear on demand. For example, symbol explanations only appear when you click on the corresponding equation.

Under the Hood#

TeX4TUM uses many different frameworks to achieve its goals.

TODO draw image of the process github .md --> jekyll --> scripts --> pandoc --> .html + head.html = webpage


Tex4TUM should eveolve to be your swiss knive of engineering knowledge. That is, we will focus on a few (\(\approx 200\)) high-quality articles instead of having thousands of "OK" articles. First, we are completely open to any suggestions, new articles, and improvements from anyone in order to generate the content that matters most for the students. After a few years when the articles are quite complete, the content should be maintained by trusted student groups, tutors, or researches of the university.


To improve the quality of this platform your feedback is important. Please report errors, bugs or improvements to our {% icon fa-bug %} issue tracker or send an email to {% icon fa-envelope %} {{ }}

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