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Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA-3)#

The Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA-3) is a set of 6 cryptographic hash functions as a subset of the Keccak algorithm.

Used operations: And, Xor, Rot, Not.

Variant Block State Rounds Output
SHA3-224 1152 b 1600 b 24 224 b
SHA3-256 1088 b 1600 b 24 256 b
SHA3-384 832 b 1600 b 24 384 b
SHA3-512 576 b 1600 b 24 512 b

SHA3-256 (\" \") =


Working Principle#

In contrast to SHA-2, SHA-3 is based on sponge construction in which data is "absorbed" into the sponge, then the result is "squeezed" out. In the absorbing phase, message blocks are XORed into a subset of the state, which is then transformed as a whole using a permutation function \(f\).