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Natural Language#

The natural language is a context sensitive language and therefore difficult to parse (in contrast to context free programming languages).

Natural Language Processing#

Is done in several steps.

  1. Tokenize: Separate individual words
  2. Tagging: Detect word type (Noun, Verb, etc.)
  3. Chunking: Group words into phrases
  4. Extraction: Analyze meaning

Part of Speech (POS) Tagging#

Tag Description Example
DT Article the, a
NN Noun dog, car
VB Verb fly
JJ Adjective little
IN Preposition at, on, if
MD Modal shall, will
EX Existential there


For each type of phrase (e.g. noun phrase) the words are tagged with 3 IOB Tags: I-inside, O-outside, B-begin. B if a phrase begins, following words get I if the word belongs to the phrase, or O for all other words.

Chunk Description Example
NP Noun Phrase the little dog
VP Verb Phrase will fly
P Preposition Phrase to