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Gnu Debugger (GDB)#

GDB is a tool for debugging programs. It consists of a server and a client. The GDB server runs, controls, and monitors the debugged program. The client can send commands such as setting breakpoints or performing single instruction steps.


  1. compile your binary with the gcc debug option -g
  2. start gdb with your binary gdb BINARY
  3. set a breakpoint b main.c:12
  4. run the program run
  5. on break: inspect variables with p myvar


Usage Description
b file:line set breakpoint in file at line
run [arglist] start your program [with arglist]
p expr display the value of an expression
i command display info for command, e.g. i b
Program Flow Short Description
continue c continiues program execution
next n execute one line of code (step over)
step s execute a single instruction (step into)
finish executes the current subprogram (step out)
Stack Description
bt print backtrace
frame display current frame
up move one frame up
down move one frame down