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Physical Constants#

A physical constant is a physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and have constant value in time.

Constant Value
Lichtgeschwindigkeit \(\mathrm{c}_0 \equiv \frac{1}{\sqrt{\varepsilon_0 \mu_0}} := \SI{299 792 458}{\meter\per\second}\)
Elementarladung \(\mathrm{e} \approx \SI{1.602 177e-19}{\coulomb}\)
Planck-Konst. \(h \approx \SI{6,626 069 57e-34}{\joule\second}\)
\(\hbar \equiv \frac{h}{2 \pi} \approx \SI{1.05457e-34}{\joule\second}\)
Elektr. Feldkonst. \(\varepsilon_0 = \SI{8.854 188e-12}{\farad\per\meter}\)
Magn. Feldkonst. \(\mu_0 := 4\pi \times \SI{e-7}{\henry\per\meter}\)
Avogadro-Konst. \(N_{\ir A} \approx \SI{6.022 141e23}{\per\mole}\)
Atomare Masse \(\mathrm{u} \approx \SI{1.660 539e-27}{\kilogram}\)
Elektronenmasse \(m_e \approx \SI{9,109 383e-31}{\kilogram}\)
Protonenmasse \(m_p \approx \SI{1,674 927e-27}{\kilogram}\)
Neutronenmasse \(m_n \approx \SI{1,672 622e-27}{\kilogram}\)
Gravitationskonst. \(\mathrm{G} \approx \SI{6,673 84e-11}{\kilogram\per\second\squared}\)
Boltzmann-Konst. \(k_{\ir B} \approx \SI{1.380 655e-23}{\joule\per\kelvin}\)